Dario Rossi, the street artist who with his music, his sound and his instruments, is conquering Europe.  

Dario Rossi is a young man with great talent and passion for the music. He loves the contact with people and fans in an ongoing exchange of emotions.  Here is his story:     

RH: For those who haven’t had the pleasure to meet you and your music, how would you describe yourself?

DR: I’m a performer who produces electronic music very similar to techno music by using waste and recycled materials. I’m different from a dj because I don’t use digital instruments, instead I use waste objects such as pans and building materials. I started this adventure on the street about 3 years ago. Lately also clubs, cafes and festivals have been interested in my project and my music, since it resembles a lot dj’s music.

RH: From Rome to Berlin, from Lisbon to London, Amsterdam and Milan, just to quote a few of the places you’ve been performing and you’ve been mesmerizing cities squares throughout Europe. What is your secret?

DR: I think my secret is the way I interact with my audience. I enjoy my passion (which is now also my job) in a very spontaneous way and I think I manage to express myself and communicate who I am with my music.

RH: You said your music is very similar to techno. Did you choose this music genre or simply was it the natural result of the type of instruments that you use?

DR: I think there are several different factors affecting my style. I have a techno and trance background together with other musical genres, but I must also admit that my instruments affect my style quite a lot.

RH: Among all the cities you’ve been performing, in which one have you felt the most free and comfortable to express, the more “at home”, so to say?

DR: Abroad in Amsterdam, Berlin and Barcelona; in Italy a think I would say Bologna.

RH: How did you get the idea to start your journey and become a street performer?

DR: It all started back in 2011 when I used to live in London. The idea came from the need to communicate with people in a way, which was completely different from that in clubs or festivals. I wanted to create my own stage on the street, a sort of free showcase in order to have a direct approach with the people.

RH: The street artist is directly in touch with the audience. Could you tell us a funny anecdote that happened to you in the places where you performed?

DR: On the streets it gets always funnier rather than in clubs, because in clubs people are often altered by alcohol or loud music. On the streets it’s different. I remember a guy in Camden Town during a concert of mine took off his shirt and started dancing in front of me half naked with his swimsuit.

RH: Which kind of music did you hear when you were a teenager and how much does it influences your style today?

DR: It’s a big part of who I am today as a performer. I come from a new wave ‘80’s punk background. Bands such as Television and New Order inspire me. Back in those days I used to listen mostly 80’s music, industrial and techno from the early 90’s. In other words, a lot of electronic sounds, which led me to a very strong analogic idea of sound.

RH: Your instruments are object from everyday life or recycled things such as pans, plastic baskets, pipes, building materials, pieces of junk, old furniture. Do you travel with a personal ready-made kit or do you find object on the spot?

DR: I have my own prepared kit, but often I like to add objects that I think are interesting or I exchange mines with what I can find at the moment. I’m always searching for new sounds.

RH: For those who’d like to see you live, where can we find you in the next months?

DR: I just came back from Szigest Festival in Budapest, on the 24th of August I will be at Laboratori Sociali Alchera at the Centro polifunzionale “Vittorio Arrigoni”, Laterza (TA), and on the 25th of August I will be performing at the 5th edition of the Indivisibile Festival, Torano nuovo (TE). You can follow me and find the rest of my agenda on my social pages.

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